Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kids and Birding

Everytime I suggest to my kids, "Today would be a great day to go out birding!  Wanna come?", all I hear in return are grumbles about how boring it is and how slow I walk when I am trying to see birds.  They lead me to believe they don't enjoy spotting new birds.  Hah!  Well, when going through the pictures saved on my camera card, I found these pictures, taken by one of my children (not sure who) of this previously unknown bird to our yard :)  Notice how many he or she took!  I still haven't seen one myself, so I cannot include it in my life bird list, but am happy my kids are taking note!

I believe this is a Northern Flicker.  Does anyone know if it is a red or yellow shafted?  I only see the red on the black "mustache" on its "cheek"...


  1. Yellow Northern Flickers are found in Eastern North America and the red are found on the west coast. So, its a yellow shafted female! You need a good field guide. The Sibley Guide to Eastern birds is great.-DM

  2. Thanks again :). I have a Peterson Guide and an Audobon Guide, but I will definitely pick up a Sibley Guide.