Saturday, May 21, 2011

Red Tailed Hawk?

Soaring above my backyard!  Really don't want these as backyard birds :(

I have seen quite a few Red-Tailed Hawks, mostly while driving along the 401.  We have a wooded area very close to our home and I can often see hawks soaring in the distance above it and the neighbouring park.  This is the first time I have see one (or at least I think it is a Red-Tailed Hawk) soaring over my backyard!  This was taken from the comfort of my patio about a week ago.  I hope I never see feathers scattered over my backyard indicating a visit :(


  1. It's pretty great what you can see from your yard (I'm envious of the indigo bunting!). You must live in a relatively well-treed area. Hawks can be common in yards, but they more often tend to be sharp-shinned and cooper's...they come to hunt the visitors to your feeder. Keep up the good work! It's amazing what you see when you start looking.

  2. I live near a wooded area in the middle of the city, so there are always hawks around. I am not a hundred percent sure what this guy is....I did see a Cooper's Hawk on the road once (posted about it earlier). I was thrilled to see the indigo bunting :). He didn't visit long and I haven't seen another since....I am planning on getting some millet and another feeder to see if I can attract some more :). This birding thing has turned into a bit of an it normal to wear binoculars even in the house???