Monday, January 2, 2012

Snowy Owls!!!

Today Betsy called saying she and Lydia were going out again today to try to spot the Snowys and asked if I wanted to come.  Sure!  We found two....TWO Snowy Owls in the onion fields today!  We were giddy like school girls :)  We then stopped by to see the Great Gray again, but I didn't take any pics of him today.  A three owl day is a great day!  Forgive the blurry photos...they were far away!

Snowy Owl #1...Got to even watch this one fly and eat something!!

Snowy Owl #2!!  Not one picture of this one facing us.  Assuming this is a female as it was quite a bit larger than the first one.

We also saw some ducks that looked like Scaup...unsure though.  We got a good look at a Northern Harrier today as well!  Great afternoon!!


  1. What a great day!

    Blurry, shmurry. You managed clearer shots than I did when I had my Snowy encounter. These are great pics to have for a memory.

    These are life birds for you, yes?

  2. It was an amazing day!! I took so many blurry shots and I can't bring myself to delete any of them :). I am anxious to see what my friend's daughter Lydia captured with jer camera.... This was a life bird!