Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hairy Woodpecker??

I have been trying to attract woodpeckers since the beginning of winter and hadn't seen any until today.  At first I thought this guy was a Downy, but on closer inspection of his outer tail feathers (and in consultation of my Sibley's guide), I think this might be a Hairy!  If so, this is a new life bird!  The bonus, the female was on the suet..but too far for me to get a clear shot....not that these ones are clear either!  I was snapping pictures through my dirty window!


  1. The size of its bill makes me think its a Downy.

  2. I have went through all of the pictures I took that day, compared notes on Dave Sibley's blog, checked All about birds, the Stokes blog etc. and I am still not sure! The bill does seem downy like, but those clean white outer tail feathers make me think otherwise. I don't have clear enough pictures from the side or the back to see some of the other field marks mentioned....thanks for weighing in!