Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summertime in Northern Michigan!

We are currently vacationing in Alpena, Michigan, on Lake Winyah. It is a nice, calm lake with beautiful sunsets and lots of marshy areas. I am unable to post pictures (only brought my iPad with me) until I get home, but here are some life birds for me so far:

Double-Crested Cormorants: Lots of these everywhere! A local on the boardwalk of the Alpena Harbour identified these for me. We have seen at least a dozen or more daily! On our way out to Mackinac Island, there were at least 20 of them mixed with some gulls on the rocks near the docks.

Caspian Tern: Through out the majority of the day, you can find one or two of these birds perched on logs in the the same spot, all day. They fly off if a boat or paddler gets to close, but ultimately returns.

Northern Flicker: Finally! I got to see three interacting together. First let me tell you how I came to find them.....I was having a dream that I had to pick up a superworm (don't ask..) and in my dream, when I grabbed it, it started squealing like a ginuea pig. It startled me out of my sleep, but I still heard the sound. I grabbed my binoculars, still in my pj's, and headed outside to see what on earth was going on. I thought for sure some poor animal was in harms way. Following the sounds, I see three flickers in the trees, making all kinds of squealing sounds without opening their mouths! I have seen them every morning since :) Watching them interact was quite amusing!

Woodpecker: I am not sure what kind of woodpecker I saw this morning...It may have been a Hairy Woodpecker. I got a fairly brief view of it before it flew off.

Merganser: I saw several mergansers swimming together, but until I take my pictures off my camera, I cannot tell which kind.

That's it so far....I am not actively birding (my family finds it dreadfully boring), but I am keeping my eyes and ears open. I have heard what sounds like loons, but haven't seen any yet. There are lots of bird sounds I don't recognize, so I am hoping to add a few more before the week is up:)

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