Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eastern Screech Owl Family :)

About a week ago, I got a shouty, all-in-captials text messages from my best friend`s daughter, saying she had baby owls in her backyard.  Last night I was finally able to go over and see the family.  They have been coming to my friend`s suburban backyard daily at dusk.  It was amazing to see them!  There are a total of 5 owls....at least one parent, 3 babies (still downy :) ) and the fifth could be a parent or a baby...they move around so much it is hard to tell.  It is neat to hear them communicating with each other, bobbing and circling while perched and hopping around!  Here are a few of the pictures I captured last night...none using flash.


Juvenille...he`s so FLUFFY!!!


Three-in-one shot...just missed capturing a fourth in this shot.

Getting darker...

Owl butt :)  Last shot of the night..fitting isn`t it?

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  1. Very exciting Tiffanie! That does not happen every day (or every night rather?)!!