Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peregrine Falcon Fledglings :)

Mike and I have been volunteering with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation a few times a week to keep an eye on the nest at the Ambassador Bridge.  It is amazing how these 6 birds (and other like-minded people) have become such a big part of our life latety!  For those unfamiliar with "our" peregrines, the parents are Voltaire (mom), Freddy (dad) and their four youngsters, Twitter (f), General Brock (m), Viper (f) and Eddie (f).  Twitter and General Brock fledged last Wednesday and Thursday repsectively.  Today, Mike got up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep so he decided to go to the nest to see what has happening, as Viper and Eddie (4 days younger than the rest) were doing.  Well, he got there early enough to see both Viper and Eddie fledge!  He brought my camera....enjoy the pictures he got while trying to get the birds to a safer area.    I wish I could have it for myself, but who gets up at 5am on Sunday??

These pictures are of Viper....

Up off the ground....a little safer!

Viper calling up to a parent.


These next pictures are of Eddie (pronounced "Eee Dee"...originally thought she was boy).  You will notice all the downy feather she still has :)  Makes her look a bit like a chicken, in my opinion :)

Eddie looking up at the next box.

Since both birds landed on the ground, Mike had to shoo them to a safer place.  Viper shooed easily and hopped up on a fence.  Eddie showed no fear and walked right beside Mike.  A woman actually stopped and took a picture of him out walking his Peregrine!  At one point, Eddie headed right for him instead of going around him.

Eddie heading right for Mike...he had to move out of her way.

By the way, none of these photos have been cropped at all...they were that close!

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